Meet the Stylish New Suzuki Vitara

Witness Return of a Legend

Over 3 decades since the 1st generation of Vitara was debuted by Suzuki in 1988, Vitara is reimagined as a fresh SUV. In the new range, the Vitara 1.6 and 1.4 with BoosterJet have been upgraded to meet modern standards, to encompass Suzuki’s performance with style and fuel economy.

An Intuitive SUV with Instinctive Responsiveness

The classic Suzuki SUV style heritage is expressed in the new Vitara’s powerfully slick design. The Vitara can be customised with a variety of interior trims and two-tone exterior shades to accentuate its stylish bonnet and fender.

A Legacy of Cutting-Edge Utility

The Vitara offers enhanced fuel-economy thanks to reduced weight and engine friction. Suzuki’s legend lives in this spunk SUV that’s been reduced in size to meet modern onroad standards while leaving an unforgettable impression.

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