KTM Supersport
Supersport Starting from R66 999

KTM Supersport: a Road Racer

The Need for Speed

The Supersport bike is the ideal bike for road racing, especially for newbie riders. A Supersport bike has been designed to take on the streets. They are lightweight, usually have full-body plastic and are swift and nimble. They are available in a variety of displacements so you can choose the one that you are comfortable with.

These bikes have been optimised for speed, acceleration and braking. They are super-fast and provide the thrill that most riders are seeking. The Supersport is able to perform excellently and on all types of paved highway. It has excellent cornering ability, handling and acceleration.

They generally have higher footpegs that position your legs closer to the body and the hand controls are more at reach. Supersport bikes often make use of expensive and technologically advanced engines that sit inside a lightweight body.

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Model Range


    KTM RC 125

    From R66 999

    KTM RC 390

    From R84 999